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I am a crafty person by nature, and as a newlywed and relatively new parent I find myself doing something that eventually impresses someone close to every day. One of the three C’s – Cooking, Cleaning or Crafting – come in to play constantly around my house.

Finding a way to get freshly spilled nail polish off of a microfiber couch (unsuccessful, though got crafty with the cover up), pulling a recipe together on a shoe string budget and what’s in my cupboard, or making a homemade Christmas without going broke – I’m constantly involved in things like this daily.

So, now, I would like to share them with the world! Maybe you’ll just get to sit back and watch me do all the work, or maybe it’ll pump your creative juices to do what I’ve done, or maybe it’ll inspire you to do it even better! Just sharing what I do on a regular basis will be a pleasure and, let’s face it, give me a hobby.


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