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I kept seeing some amazing wreaths on Pinterest and, the ones that really caught my eye, were ones that were basically just wrapped in yarn.

I thought to myself, “There has to be a trick, or else everyone would do this. It can’t be as easy as it seems.”

So, I went through one of my Pins. That website told me to go to a link.

That link gave me another link.

And that link.. you guessed it. Gave me another link.

This went on for far longer than I cared and gave me a complete dead-end. So, I did what I normally do in that situation. Gave up, said “I can figure this out”, and prepped myself for failure. But, lo and behold, it really is that simple! Here, I’ll prove it to you:

The entire thing probably cost me $6 and it was fun to do. I may even add more flowers or something to it later.

And you get it (hopefully) in just one click and avoid the run-around!


Styrofoam wreath (at least 12″ and can be found at most craft stores – the one shown is 12 inches and came out pretty small) ~ yarn in your choice of colors ~ scissors ~ decorative items (in this case I used fake flowers from the dollar store, and started to use cardboard and glitter for numbers… you’ll see)

I began by making a mental pattern of what I wanted the wreath to turn out like. In my head I wanted four solid blocks of colors, off centered, with flowers in the bottom corner.

Since I wanted all of my color blocks the same size, I just quartered the wreath using a ruler to help me eye-ball it straight. However you prefer your pattern, make notches in your Styrofoam now to help keep you on track later.

Take the starting color of yarn and tie it around the wreath. Knot it.

I also, since I didn’t know what I was doing, Modge Podged that area of the wreath. I was thinking that something had to hold it down other than just wrapping it. The beauty of the Styrofoam? It clings to the yarn and does all the work for you.

Unravel a long piece of yarn, depending on the width of color block you desire.

The amount of yarn I pulled out the first time made a ridiculously small color block. I preferred that, since I could just tie more on in addition rather than wasting it by pulling out too much. You’ll get the feel of it after the first time or two.

Wrap the yarn around the wreath, closely to the first loop made with the knot.

As you wrap, you’ll notice there is still a small section of white in between the strands of yarn. Back track and wrap a round over that white patch, essentially making two layers.

Whenever you run out of yarn, just tie a knot to combine the wrapped strand and the new longer strand so the knot stays in the back of the wreath.

Your color block will begin to look like this in the front:

Keep wrapping until you’ve found your notch to switch colors. Combine the colors using the same knot as before, combining the new color to the previous wrapped color.

Keep wrapping, using the same back-track-over-lap method as the first color until you hit your next notch.

Keep going until the yarn is completely wrapped. Mine turned out like this:

On to the decorating! I started out by making “12th Man” numbers, but after glued…

… And glittered…

They didn’t turn out as I’d hoped and were vetoed by my husband. So, I may spray paint some to add later, but for now I just used flowers.

They’re just bundles from my local dollar store. Since I was going toward the “Fall season” the bright colors I’d hoped for were phased out. This is as close as I could get, but! – the beauty of these wreaths is the flowers will be completely interchangeable if I needed them to be!

Cut the plastic cover around the flower stems, being careful to not cut the wire too much if you’re using regular scissors. Cutting the wire can damage your scissors. Learn from my mistakes.

Once you’ve cut the plastic, you can bend and rotate the flower until the wire is fragile. The flower should snap leaving the flower in two.

Insert your flower into the wreath where you desire. Just wedge it between the wrapped yarn and into the styrofoam.

That’s it. No glue, no sew, no hassle.

Arrange your flowers how you please.

If you have any other decorations you would like to add that could not be inserted into the wreath, I would suggest hot glue to secure the item to the yarn. Though it’s not my favorite method, it would be the most secure considering how much other glues are absorbed into the yarn. Mine, for the meantime at least, is finished!

Not too shabby!

I plan on making a Dallas Cowboys one for a fine Southern Gal I know next, and then the glitter will come out again, but I think anyone around here knows the these colors when they see them. Go Hawks!