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So my daughter and I had a lazy day today. So lazy that I looked at the clock in enough time to realize that I only had two hours before I had to leave for work to cook, clean, and shower.

I still decided to put some effort into dinner with what little we had in our cupboards and got creative. The results were fantastic.


Chicken & Broccoli with a Garlic Basil Cream Sauce

You will need:

Oil, for cooking
Chicken breasts, thawed (one per person)
Seasonings to taste (I used salt, pepper, and garlic salt)
1 cup broccoli, cut into bite sized pieces (mine were frozen)
1/2 cup onion, chopped
Box rice of your choice, I used Chicken and Garlic Rice-a-Roni

Garlic Basil Cream Sauce:
2 tbsp butter
1 tbsp minced garlic
1/2 tsp salt
2 tbsp flour
1 cup milk
5-6 leaves of fresh basil (chopped), or 1-2 tsp dried basil

Oil frying pan, season chicken breasts, and pan fry on medium heat. Brown both sides of chicken, reducing heat if needed to time dinner preperations.


In a separate pan, melt butter for sauce in low heat. Once melted add garlic. Stir occasionally, smearing garlic with the bottom of your spoon to reduce the garlic into the butter, about 3-5 minutes.


Add flour and salt. Stir/spread mixture frequently for approximately 3 minutes to minimize flour taste and texture.



Slowly and simultaneously add milk and chopped basil until completely combined.


Raise heat to medium low and stir occasionally. Turn off heat when sauce has reached desired thickness.


In the meantime, after both sides of chicken are browned, add broccoli and onion to fry pan. Add extra seasonings if needed. Sauté with chicken until tender.


Plate with rice of choice, covering both rice and chicken/vegetable fry with cream sauce. So delicious!




So, apparently, the name “Skordalia” is greek and fancy for “garlic lemon mashed potato dip”. This is a recipe I found in a “party food” cookbook. It doesn’t sound fancy, and it doesn’t even sound appetizing, but it was a surprising success! It’s a great dip with Wheat Thins Natural Veggie Flavored Crackers, and paired with fresh veggies and ranch it makes a great party snack!


1 cup prepared mashed potatoes ~ 2 small garlic cloves ~ 3 tablespoons olive oil ~ 2 tablespoons lemon juice ~1/4 teaspoon salt

Prepare the mashed potatoes as directed on the box. I’m a fan of home-made mashed potatoes, but in the case where I have an exact amount to make, store-bought flakes are the way to go!

Dice garlic into small chunks, then mix with potatoes in a microwave safe bowl.

Cover with a paper towel and microwave for 1 minute. Stir.

Add the olive oil and stir gently, folding it into the potatoes and garlic. It should make it just a little fluffier.

Add salt and lemon juice, stirring gently once more. Do a taste test to see if you need to add more salt. Serve warm or at room temperature with crackers or pita chips.


One of my favorite recipes I’ve created on my own. It lasts for days between my husband and I, and it’s so hearty all you need is one small slice to feel incredibly satisfied.

I’m all about individual foods being your seasonings rather than loading up the recipe with a bunch of herbs and spices. Though there is always a time and a place for them, and I have a full spice rack on hand, I love mincing garlic and getting a zesty sausage, and crushing fresh basil leaves to give my recipe the flavor it needs.

So, that being said, take the liberty with this recipe to add whatever ingredients you want. Don’t like bacon? Scrap it. Don’t like garlic? Don’t add  it, and throw in some herbs and spices you prefer. I created this recipe because it’s things I love nestled in eggs and a pie crust. I could not go wrong.


1 refrigerated pie crust ~ 1 pound country sausage ~ 3 strips of bacon ~ 1 small zucchini ~ 1/2 cup onion ~ 2 cloves garlic ~ 4 eggs ~ one cup milk ~ salt and pepper ~ 1/4 cup shredded cheese blend

Oh the deliciousness. Preheat your oven to 375. Place pie crust on counter to soften from being refrigerated.

Here’s a tip that I do – I buy a package of bacon, then freeze it in tinfoil in individual strips. Then, I pull off whatever I need and bake it in the oven. Even if your bacon is not frozen, oven baking the bacon frees up stove space and it can be done while your oven is preheating. Just watch it to make sure it doesn’t crisp too quickly, but it usually takes about 5-10 minutes while the oven is warming up.

If you choose to cook your bacon in the oven, place it on tin foil in the oven now.

Brown sausage in a fry pan on medium heat.

Chop, dice, and mince your zucchini, onion and garlic.

After the meat is browned and drained, add veggies to the pan. No need to sautee completely, this is just to heat them up and prepare them for baking.

Check your bacon.

By now, the pie crust should be thawed enough to unroll. If it hasn’t, I place mine in the middle of the stove top to use the heat from the oven to assist. Unroll the pie crust into a 9 inch pie plate.

Your bacon should be done by now, if not sooner. After draining the bacon on some paper towels, hand shred the bacon into small strips. Refrain from eating. Then spread a small layer on the bottom of the pie crust.

Next, evenly layer the sausage and veggie slurry over the bacon.

Sweet Moses I love this recipe.

Ok! Now in a bowl, whisk the eggs and milk with a fork. after combined, salt and pepper the eggs. This is mainly to taste, keeping in mind that the sausage will already be salty and zesty, so my rule of thumb is enough that when I stir it together I can still clearly see spots of pepper. Around 1/2-1 teaspoon of each.

Pour the egg mixture evenly in the pie crust. This is a hearty Quiche, so the meats and things will be sticking up over the egg. No need to fill to cover.

Sprinkle the shredded cheese over the top of the Quiche.

Bake in a preheated oven for 30-45 minutes. Bake until a knife inserted in the center comes out clean and edges of pie crust have browned.

Voila! Enjoy!