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So I’m addicted to Pinterest…

Really, who isn’t? Any lady out there that says they don’t care, I call bullsh*t. It’s the only place you can go to feel pretty, accomplished, hungry, yet fully exercised all at the same time. It’s your own little map of heaven on earth, uniquely laid out in an organized fashion.

Anyway, I know I got this idea from looking at a Pin, but for the life of me I can’t find where I Pinned it (I guess I can take that “organized” part back…). Just know, that if I knew who to give credit to, credit would be given where credit is due!

Here is Cha-Cha’s belated birthday gift from me!

I love it! I almost don’t want to give it to her, but it’s so ridiculously inexpensive that I can just make one of my own and cross my fingers that she doesn’t care we have matching ones.

Supplies and their cost:

6 inch terracotta pot – $2

A pretty dress that I can cut up from the thrift store – $3 (And I probably used less than $1 worth)

Modge Podge and scissors (you probably have those on hand, and if not, I’ll say $5 and an infinite amount of happiness from it)

That’s it. It’s a great gift, fun to do, and you can make it so perfectly individualized for whoever will have it. You can do this one of two ways: A) you can measure the fabric around the planter giving a half of an inch to an inch on the top and bottom so it only makes one seam down the middle, or 2) you can do it how I will show you which is a little more work, but I was going for a specific rougher look and liked how it turned out!

Find a work space that gives you room to breathe and won’t be damaged by possible glue mishaps. Lay out a square of fabric big enough to fold into your planter when it’s placed in the center, then trace any holes at the bottom of the pot.

Cut out this hole. Modge Podge the bottom of the planter a little so it tacks to the fabric, then line it up with the hole and press. Cut from each of the corners of the square down to the planter, basically giving yourself four pieces to work with.

Modge Podge the living day lights out of the planter. Don’t be shy. Get a nice layer going, and don’t forget under the crease under the top ring in the planter. You’ll also want a thin layer on the top rim and a small ring on the inside to secure the ends of the fabric.

Start pressing each side, one by one, to the planter. Go from bottom to top and smooth out any bubbles or wrinkles in between, and make sure to define the crease as you go. Proceed with all four sides, folding the fabric into the planter each time.


Press the fabric to the top rim and inner layer to secure.

Trim the excess fabric from the inside.

Let the Modge Podge dry, and step back and admire while it does!

After the planter has dried, I put another outer layer of Modge Podge to make it all look even. After that dried, I had the finished product!

I hope you like it, Chanel!